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Software development

We are a software company that provides custom software development and consultations using agile methodology and best practices. We believe that software should respond to the needs of business, and we know that business needs are constantly changing. We change with You – we are Agile. Let´s meet.
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Software development consultation

Do you have an idea for a product, but you’re looking for a developer or just a professional second opinion? Do you want software that will increase productivity, decrease costs and automate processes? Do you want a second opinion on  estimates, development contracts or cooperation best practices? Do you have an old code base and you are unsure whether to develop it further or start a new? Let´s meet.
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Code review

Do you want to be sure that your new software source code meets established quality standards? Do you want a second opinion on estimates? Do you have an old codebase and you are unsure whether to develop it further or start a new? We are happy to look over your source code to determine any potential quality and security problems. Confidentiality guaranteed.
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Our Customers

Our portfolio is built on large state and private organizations from Scandinavia and the Baltics. 100% of completed client projects are actively in use. 

“We are pleased with the flexibility of AgileWorks – instead of saying, that something is impossible, the team constantly thinks of new ways to solve problems. AgileWorks represents a different kind of work-culture. ”

Communication Manager, National Audit Office of Estonia

“The agile approach used by AgileWorks means that the entire development process is transparent and considerate of the client´s business needs. That is what makes our co-operation successful.”

CMO, PLM Group Sweden

DigiDoc App

DigiDoc is the first Windows Store app which allows you to sign and open digitally signed documents in BDOC 2.1 and DigiDoc 1.3 format. DigiDoc app is an essential part of the Estonia ́s online government infrastructure and the success story of e-Estonia.
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Development and maintenance of Elron′s (formerly known as Electric Railway) ticket sales system. The system entails web sales, offline sales from PDA devices, administration and reporting. Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, WinCE.


Opiq transforms the professional and structured study content to a personalised and learner-focused learning environment that meaningfully involves learners, teachers, parents and schools. Opiq transcends the boundaries between study content and management. Textbooks and exercises, tasks assigned by the teacher, grades and feedback – all in one place, always at hand.
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Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association

Electronic waybill system with the mobile client application provides an opportunity to the Estonian raw timber sellers, transporter and buyers to replace the mandatory paper-waybill with an electronic one.

Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association

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The Ministry of Finance

Creating the open data service Riigipilv to enable transparency and access to the revenue and spendings of each municipality of Estonia. Every citizen has free access to the data and the platform is used by analysts as well as journalist.

The Ministry of Finance

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PLM Group

The project involved the development and maintenance of the PLM Group services.

Tartu University Hospital

Creating Microsoft Outlook plug-in and integrating it with the document management system in order to save e-mails and attachments in one compact and systematic way.

Tartu University Hospital

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Tallinn Water

Development and maintenance of the self service system and integration with the Navision back end system.

The National Audit Office of Estonia

The project involved the development and maintenance of the outer web, mobile website on the DotNetNuke framework and integrations to the digital archive.

The National Audit Office of Estonia

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The Estonian Centre for Standardisation

The development and maintenance of the standards´ management system, e-shop platform and integrating the systems with other international and European standards´ management organizations ISO, ETSI, CEN, CLC.

The Estonian Centre for Standardisation

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Our values

AgileWorks AS is a modern and ambitious software development company which is guided by agile principles.

  • Agile
  • Goal oriented
  • Effective
  • Cutting-edge
  • Involving
  • Fast
  • Passionate
  • Experienced
  • Transparent
  • Flexible
  • Professional
  • Comprehensible
  • Responsible

Agile software development

Agile software development differs from the traditional way as it is based on short development cycles known as sprints, whereas the outcome of each sprint is an already working solution ready to use. An online project management system makes it fast and easy for the client to follow the progress, give regular feedback and request for changes at any time. As a result, any kinds of risks are minimized, the whole software development process is transparent and more adapted to the clients business´ needs.

One of the main benefits of agile software development company is that agile project teams deliver value much earlier than traditional project teams. The functionality is released, on average, about 30-40% earlier making it a “self-funding” project.

AgileWorks team

AgileWorks is developer owned and managed. We are not just skilled coders, we are also established business owners who know what it takes to succeed.

The team of AgileWorks AS is made up of experienced software developers. AgileWorks is developer owned and managed, which means that the contribution and interest in the company’s sustainable development and the quality of services is even greater.

All AgileWorks developers have specialised higher education and years of experience in the development of information systems for well known Estonian private companies, state organisations as well as clients from abroad.

Applying agile principles demands more from the developers than just the ability of programming. Agile developers must be multifunctional, result orientated and always ready to react to changes. Great teamwork, constant progress and learning are also important.

“Why develop software in an agile way? The foundation of the agile approach is fast feedback. For example, the client gets fast feedback to their business needs through short development cycles, where a piece of working software is delivered as soon as it’s done. A developer gets fast feedback to the correctness of their code through automated testing.”

Software Craftsman / Board Member

“One of the main differences between traditional and agile software development is that agile development welcomes changes and progress at any time. The world is changing, business goals are changing – so must our software be ready for changes at any time.”

Software Craftsman / Board Member

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Our office is at Arsenal Center. The entrance nr 2 is located by the A sign, marked with the AgileWorks logo on the map.
At the entrance use the phonelock (no 204, then green button).
Take the stairs up and come over the roof.