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DigiDoc App
Sign digitally on Windows Phone and tablet

DigiDoc App for signing documents

DigiDoc app is a Windows Phone app which allows you to sign, open and e-mail digitally signed documents. The first release won second place in the mobile app competition organized by Microsoft and one of the largest telecommunication companies in Estonia.

App has received more than 3000 downloads in the first 5 months since its launch, and enjoys a 4.5+ star rating on the Windows Phone Store.

DigiDoc app is an essential part of the Estonia ́s online government infrastructure and the success story of e-Estonia. It is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. You can create a container inside the application for viewing, deleting, adding, signing and sending documents via e-mail. The application is compatible with your personal OneDrive account, from where the user chooses the necessary documents and adds them for signing inside the application. You need a valid Estonian Mobile-ID for signing digitally on mobile.

Some solutions of e-Estonia: X-Road and Digital Signing.

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The app was also featured as “App of the week” of Microsoft Estonia. Here are some of the articles in Estonian media, where our app was mentioned:

AgileWorks is a member of Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, which is a science and business environment for knowledge based companies
IT-news segment of the leading business media channel in Estonia – Äripäev


DigiDoc app was created due to the need of our own developers to sign documents in business situations via Windows Phone. The DigiDoc app grew out from the Garage 48 and EMT Appmillionaire contest in September 2013 where the initial version (for viewing digitally signed documents only) with the humorous name, DigiFail, won a special prize from Microsoft. Since participating in the event, the first version of the app has had numerous downloads and fans and a lot of positive feedback.

But the active work towards building an app for not only viewing, but also signing documents, continued. In 2014 we came up with an even more user friendly and representative version, which has shown a great potential among business users.

After the release of the phone version, we are currently also working towards releasing the tablet version of the app.
The DigiDoc app team consists of: Karel Golberg, Arni Leibovitš, Juri Annikov, Märt Ringmäe, Grete Strandberg and Pille Pilter.