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E-learning platform

Opiq e-learning system

Opiq is a shared e-learning platform for all the parties involved in a learning process, connecting pupils, parents, teachers, publishers and school staff effectively with each other. It is designed for professional study content. No frills, no banners – children need noise-free and safe environment to focus on the most important – learning.

Opiq works on any device, on any operation system; has a web-based, responsive user interface that can be personalized in various ways.
Features: professional content (textbooks + exercises); web based, SaaS; responsive design; personalised interface; personal content integration; class registers; study management; study analytics; precise communication channel; smart evaluation; EduCloud-minded development (support for metadata, Bazaar, Single Sign On, DÕP &c).

Estonia is well known for its wide range of digital services and good rankings in educational reports. Opiq improves the curriculum based learning to fundamentally empower the Digital Society.