Centre for Standardisation

Estonian Centre for Standardisation is a non-profit association, established with the order of the Government of the Republic. It operates as Estonia’s standardisation organisation and is engaged in the formulation, issue and implementation of standards.

Progress, technical solution of the project

In 2013, AgileWorks won the public procurement, arranged by the Centre for Standardisation. Within the project, the following works were performed: development of Stadis, the system for the internal processing of standards and integration with other international and European standardisation organisations, such as ISO, ETSI, CEN and CLC.

Technologies used: Asp.Net MVC, MSSQL

Current situation and what next

The project enables the customer to perform all the desired activities and is still in use. We carry out improvements and provide maintenance service today as well.

More of our projects

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Tartu University Hospital

Creation and integration of the Microsoft Outlook plugin with the document management system to store e-mails and attached documents as compactly and systematically as possible.

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Development and management of the Elron ticket sale system. The system enables one to buy tickets online as well as offline in the train (PDA device). Includes the opportunity to create reports. Technologies used: ASP.NET MVC, WinCE.

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