DigiDoc app

DigiDoc app is a Windows Phone app which allows you to sign, open and e-mail digitally signed documents. The app has received more than 3000 downloads in the first 5 months since its launch. and enjoys a 4.5+ star rating in the Windows Phone Store.

Problem, goal

The story of DigiDoc app started from the need of our own software developers to sign with Windows Phone various business-related documents

Our goal was not only to develop a paid product/service, but above all to offer everybody a free necessary solution for signing and at the same time promote the development capability of AgileWorks through the solution.

Progress, technical solution of the project

In 2013, we decided to participate in the Garage 48 and EMT Appmillionaire competition and complete the solution within that. Also, the well-known and popular Taxify app was entered in the same competition. The first version was completed within the competition. At that time, an app with a funny name DigiFail was awarded the special prize of Microsoft and second place (Taxify app won first place) and this only enabled one to view the digitally signed documents. Nevertheless, the app found good resonance and it was downloaded a lot.

Our team continued to work actively to ensure that besides viewing on a mobile, these documents could also be signed. In 2014, we completed an even more user-friendly app and this has become extremely popular among business users.

After publishing the mobile version we started preparations to also enable its use on a tablet.

The DigiDoc app team included Karel Golberg, Arni Leibovitš, Juri Annikov, Märt Ringmäe (software development); Grete Strandberg (design management) and Pille Pilter (other support).

The first release of the DigiDoc app won second place at the Garage48 & EMT Appmillionaire camp competition. The winner was the Taxify app.

Current situation and what next

It is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. You can create a container inside the application for viewing, deleting, adding, signing and sending documents via e-mail. The application is compatible with your personal OneDrive account, from where the user chooses the necessary documents and adds them for signing inside the application. You need a valid Estonian Mobile-ID for signing digitally on a mobile.

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Download the app: Windows Store

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