The open source based e-infrastructure will connect experts and students of the biomedical field, and through the exchange of experience and knowledge, seek to find new innovative solutions for managing current and future health care problems of Europe and Africa.

Problem, goal

The UBORA project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme, aims to create an open source e-infrastructure for finding solutions to current and future health care problems of Europe and Africa. The platform helps bring together knowledge and new ideas, helps with rapid prototyping, and provides information on different standards and criteria that need to be met. The UBORA platform is a tool that enables students to work together and have verified mentor(s) in each project. The platform consists of three major parts: the creation and execution of a project, a forum for searching medical needs and solutions, and a compilation of materials.

The project consortium consists of 7 partners from Europe and Africa, all working to ensure that the developed solution meets the needs of the field and is maximally beneficial. AgileWorks AS is responsible for software development.

UBORA couples the open design philosophy with Europe’s leadership in quality control and safety assurance, guaranteeing better health and new opportunities for both growth and innovation.

Current situation and what next

Today, the platform being developed is available as a closed beta version; it will be available for use for all, starting from summer 2019. In 1.5 years, more than 200 users have registered on the platform; their feedback helps improve the user’s experience and eliminate bottlenecks.

Starting from summer 2019, the platform will be available in open source, which allows other prospectors to contribute to the development of the platform as well.

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