Agile Software Development

We are a software development company whose emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. We ensure your software security and sustainability. By being agile, we deliver results faster than average.


Software development

An essential requirement for the upcoming software is compliance with customer needs at the moment. As entrepreneurs, we know that business needs are constantly changing. Therefore, we develop the software in an agile way: we welcome the necessary changes; software development and project management can be monitored through environments; the cooperation is flexible, proactive, effective, and fast.

Code review

We conduct a review of the source code for existing or uncompleted software of the customer to identify potential quality and security issues, and to provide the best advice or ensure their elimination. We also assess the sustainability of the software, whether other developers can further develop or modify it, if necessary, etc. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Do you have a product idea, but need professional feedback from a software developer? Would you like advice on making arrangements with the developer, and on what not to do? Do you need software that increases productivity and reduces costs? Do you want a second opinion on an old codebase, a quotation or a development agreement? Ask away!


An essential part of good software is also a thorough and thought-through user experience and user interface design that consists of visual design, interactive design and information architecture.

Sander Priivits

Sander Priivits, Sourcify OÜ, Co-Founder, Sales Manager

In collaboration with AgileWorks, Sourcify today provides a platform for strategic Request for Quotation (RFQ) management to the world's largest freight forwarding companies. As our clients themselves tell us, we don't just develop and implement their needs; with AgileWorks, we have a strategic partner who collaborates and often, by the end of the development process (compared to the initial requirement), we arrive at a much better solution. The agile approach ensures results that align with business needs and helps avoid unpleasant surprises throughout the process. In the AgileWorks team, our dialogue partners are specialists in their field, with whom communication is smooth, and we understand each other very well.

Andrek Laanemets

Andrek Laanemets, Registry and Information Systems Center Product Owner

Centre of Registers and Information Systems experience with AgileWorks team was amazing! Cooperation with the analyst, designer and the developers was smooth. At each stage, from analysis to implementing the requirements, the business logic was delved into, the end user's needs were taken into account and the team was thinking along and making suggestions to make the best decisions possible.

Meelis Zujev

Meelis Zujev, Estonian Transport Administration Project Manager

The outcome does not only have an immensely positive effect on the Estonian work culture but is a role model on the European scale. I only have praises for our partner, AgileWorks, as, despite the delayed replies on our end, they carried on the work processes in a truly agile manner. Thank you for your pleasant cooperation and a great outcome!

Jan Lagast

Jan Lagast, Managing Partner Participium, idlegcy

I was looking for developers from Belgium and Estonia for one of our key products. From a distance, all developers look similar, but for me, one of the most important factors in choosing software developers was that they were able to think from the business point of view and understand the idea. Most companies only talked about themselves, but AgileWorks immediately understood my business idea and today, having received the software, I can say that my original idea has indeed been successfully implemented.

Eero Pank

Eero Pank, Partner and Project Manager at Ellington Printing

We have had a very pleasant and productive cooperation with AgileWorks. They have been professional and considered our wishes and business needs. We highly evaluate their involvement in enhancing the system and the ability to adapt to changes.

Olev Tehver

Olev Tehver, CEO of Taddy OÜ

Our cooperation with AgileWorks was smooth. The development team did its job professionally and quickly, and they understood our desires and business needs as a customer. Regarding AgileWorks software developers, we enjoyed constant communication, which helped to better understand each other and successfully reach the end result. If you need to create efficient and high-quality software and have the desire to have a say in development of the product, then the software development team of AgileWorks is the ideal partner for this.

Silva Lill

Silva Lill, Marketing Manager of the PLM Group’s Swedish branch

The agile approach of AgileWorks means that the entire development process is transparent and traceable for the customer, while at the same time taking into account the customer's business needs. This is why our collaboration has been successful so far.

Toomas Mattson

Toomas Mattson, Communications Manager, National Audit Office of Estonia

We are pleased with the flexibility of AgileWorks - instead of saying that something is impossible, the team is constantly coming up with new ways to solve problems. AgileWorks represents a different kind of work culture.

Development process


The client comes up with an idea for a desired product. The idea is discussed with the lead developer.

Creating user stories

  1. All known product features will be written down as user stories, i.e. how the user can use the feature and for what purpose.
  2. The user stories will be evaluated by the developer. However, we maintain the freedom to modify, add or delete user stories during the project.
  3. At the same time, essential features are selected for implementation in the initial development cycle.

Development cycle

The user stories chosen for the development cycle are carried out. The customer has a continuous overview (meetings, Pivotal, Skype) of started, unstarted, and completed works. The customer's desired changes are carried out on an ongoing basis.

The advantage of cyclic development is that the customer will already receive the useable part of the product at the end of the cycle.

End of development cycle

Works performed in the previous cycle are reviewed and new user stories are chosen for the next cycles to be carried out. The same actions are repeated.

Second development cycle

In the second development cycle, the product completed in the first cycle will be supplemented with new features (chosen user stories).

The customer has a continuous overview (meetings, Pivotal, Skype) of started, unstarted, and completed works. The customer's desired changes are carried out on an ongoing basis.

The customer receives a product with even more features.

A product corresponding to the vision

Upon completion of the development, the customer will receive a product corresponding to the vision.



...often, the customer wants to continue with product development, adding new ideas and features to its original vision.

New features

New features can be added to the existing product.

Agile software development

High productivity

Agile Software Developing is effective, high quality and swift. The most important thing is customer satisfaction. This assumes delivery of software that meets the customer’s goals, doing it efficiently and as often as possible. The customer receives a part of the used software every couple of weeks without having to wait for the completion of the entire software.


The customer’s vision of the needed software may change over time as the business progresses. We welcome necessary changes in the software development phase. In order to be flexible, we prefer not to set a strictly fixed volume, deadline and budget at the beginning of a project. We can agree on these, if necessary, but this may hinder the flexibility of development.


If you’re in a hurry, agile development is perfect for you. From the feasibility phase, delivery can be achieved in just a couple of weeks. Each delivered component of the software can be used independently and used to generate profit. On average, we deliver software 30-40% faster than companies using traditional development methods.

Constant overview and feedback

If meeting up is not possible, the distance is not an obstacle. Skype and a web-based project management platform allow the customer to plan development cycles, keep regular track of the development, test results and provide feedback.

Short development cycles

We deliver software frequently, i.e. in short development cycles that generally span a couple of weeks. With each delivery, the customer receives a usable component of the software. Cyclical development presents the customer with a great opportunity to make new decisions about what to change or add in the next cycles.

Minimal risks

Our success is mainly measured by software that is high quality, has no security risks and works well. If the developed code is good quality and has been adequately tested, it is also sustainable and can even be improved by the developers of the same field.

Our key strengths

Intelligent search
Process automation
Cloud services
Digital identity and digital signatures
Logistics and transportation systems
Maritime and fisheries systems
We have carried out projects for large private and public companies in Estonia, Scandinavia, Belgium, Kenya, and elsewhere. All of our projects are still actively in use today.


The owners of AgileWorks are lead developers, who are engaged in development projects on a daily basis. Due to their role as owners of the company, they have guaranteed interest in the success of projects. Thanks to our entrepreneurial experience, we are able to think from the business point of view of projects. Sometimes, we are already involved in the development of the business project.

Our team

190 kg of coffee beans needed per year
60 kg of fruits eaten per month
13 years is the age of the company
28 of us in total

The team is characterised by

  • Multifunctionality
  • Constant growth
  • Teamwork
  • Following agile principles
  • Experience
  • Responding to change
  • Strong goal orientation
Developer doing his work.
Our team.


  • Agility
  • Responsibility
  • Engagement
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Transparency
  • Passion
  • Thoroughness

Manifesto for agile software development


We value individuals and their interactions over processes and tools

We value working software over comprehensive documentation

We value customer collaboration over contract negotiation

We value responding to changed circumstances over following a plan

Our team.


Triinu Kopelmäe Triinu Kopelmäe Office Manager
Maarit Rei Maarit Rei HR Specialist
Kädi Avik Kädi Avik Project Manager
Karel Golberg Karel Golberg Founder & CEO
Triinu Kopelmäe Triinu Kopelmäe Office Manager
Maarit Rei Maarit Rei HR Specialist
Kädi Avik Kädi Avik Project Manager
Karel Golberg Karel Golberg Founder & CEO

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