UBORA Euro-African open-source biomedical engineering e-platform

The purpose of the open-source platform is to unite the experts and students in the field of biomedicine in the search for new and innovative solutions to current and future health care problems of Europe and Africa.

Problem and goal

The UBORA project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme, aimed to create an open source e-infrastructure for finding solutions to current and future health care problems of Europe and Africa. The platform helps bring together knowledge and new ideas, helps with rapid prototyping, and provides information on different standards and criteria that need to be met. The UBORA platform is a tool that enables students to work together and have verified mentor(s) in each project.

The platform consists of three major parts: the creation and execution of a project, a forum for searching medical needs and solutions, and a compilation of materials.

The project consortium consists of 7 partners from Europe and Africa, all working to ensure that the developed solution meets the needs of the field and is maximally beneficial. AgileWorks AS is responsible for software development.

Read more about the project: http://ubora-biomedical.org


Learning environment, open source, medicine

Technologies used


Bootstrap, HTML 5, SCSS, JavaScript, Vue JS, Quill JS


.NET Core, ASP Net Core, C#



Other technologies

Microsoft Azure, Marten, Event Sourcing, Docker


UBORA is the first foreign and also the longest project I have coordinated thus far. The 2.5 years with the project were filled with new experiences and exciting challenges, something I deem invaluable. The biggest challenge turned out to be keeping the whole team in sync as the scientists had not been involved in a software project before, neither had our developers worked with scientists on this level.

I strongly believe in the success of the project as I am sure it will contribute to the development of alternative and safe medical devices.

Kädi, Project Manager —

UBORA gave me the chance to contribute my technical skills to a humane cause. Travelling to Africa and witnessing firsthand how something we built is being used to potentially save lives is definitely one of my better experiences.

With UBORA we used modern technologies and development principals to build a comprehensive system from scratch. I am grateful for being able to contribute as I am proud of the outcome. Furthermore, a lot of what we learned during this project have also made a positive impact on our other developments.

Kaspar, Software Developer —

Current situation and what next

The platform is live and public since the summer of 2019 - https://platform.ubora-biomedical.org/ . The user base is already beyond 500 and the community is constantly growing.

The open-source project is accessible via GitHub for anyone interested in contributing to further development.

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